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Fits A4 size pictures if used with the mount. You can enhance and add depth to your picture by using the accompanying mount when you frame it.


OUR ALBUM 40 and 80 pages! And Wait! Untuk PRO Series kami, ianya 80 muka surat dan sehingga 300 muka surat! Now you know ! More pages, more moments..! Yang penting, SEMUA ORANG BOLEH MEMILIKINYA…!


debossed album with FREE slipcase

debossed album with FREE slipcase





Why our album is special?

01. It is strictly professional.
02. You can choose the cover from 3 types of cover with 33 colours.
03. It’s 15″x11″ and others selected sizes, big sizes with big printed images.
04. Starts with 40, 60, 80 pages and upgradeable to 300 pages.
05. It printed on a textured paper or silk paper, you can enjoy your moments better.
06. You’re the one who will choose the picture to be included.
07. Simple design and layout.
08. Big pictures of every pages. (max to 4 photos per page)
09. Customize your own name on the album cover.
10. Edit and design by me 😀

XL Landscape 17.5″ x 12″
Large Landscape 15″ x 11″
Medium Landscape 11″ x 8.5″
Small Landscape 8″ x 6″

Large Portrait 12″ x 14″
Medium Portrait 8″ x 11″

Large Landscape 15″ x 11″
Large Square 11″ x 11″
Medium Portrait 8″ x 11″
Medium Landscape 11″ x 8.5″

End Sheets

Our end sheets adds a beautiful touch to the start and end of your book. End sheets are pages that are glued to the both the front and back cover, forming the first and last unprinted pages of your book. Our acid-free end sheets are lightly textured and come in white, 200 gsm, premium grade paper to help you create a truly unique and special look for your book.


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